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Playlist for Thursday, December 26, 1985 (8-10am)
Playlists prior to March 12, 1986 are based on incomplete data. Songs may be missing and they are not presented in the order played.
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Misc Info
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V/A Mr. Beautiful Presents All Hard [LP]
Donut • NEW • (Modern Method)
V/A Laughing at the Ground [7"]
NEW • (Ed Gein's Car)
NEW • (Mordam)
NEW • (Him)
NEW • (Jim's Records)
Donut • NEW • (Taang)
NEW • (Pink Dust)
NEW • (Tracks on Wax)
NEW • (Wrestler)
V/A Nobody Gets on the Guest-List! [LP]
Donut • NEW • (Relativity)
V/A Desperate Teenage Lovedolls Soundtrack [LP]
NEW • (Red Eye)
V/A Luxury Condos... [LP]
NEW • (Coyote)
Donut • NEW • (Metro-America)
NEW • (Abstract)